The Thunder Rolls

The thunder rolls through Akumal 
And all decisions mull
About what, who next, and where 
Part of me knows I'd rather be here than there 
What will I do with all of the lessons learned 
All of the sacred sage now burned 
I am the artist, the creator, maker 
I'm not a cookie cutter life baker 
The thunder rolls heavy and deep 
Across the jungle and the ocean and I can't sleep 
Akumal is more than just a place 
It has a strong spirit, a pull, and I can almost imagine it has a face 
Of a fierce Mayan warrior 
Warrior one, warrior two, warrior three 
Find your centered space 
Remember your inner grace 
You remembered how to smile here 
How to laugh, let go, hand over fear 
Chakras illuminating all the way to white light 
Don't forget your learnings on this bright night 
Akumal has a message for you, booming so loud and clear.
You should stay, you should stay, you should stay, right here.