The sound of coral

In the peaceful meditation of snorkeling with sea turtles, there are often only two sounds that you are aware of: the water, and that of your own breath. However, I recently noticed, that when I am further from shore, and closer to the reefs, I hear a rather loud sound that is similar to what a rain-shower of sand might sound like. A crackling noise that is distinct. When I heard this sound, I thought I might be going crazy. I looked around for what might be making such a noise, but I didn't see anything that I thought could produce it.

A few days later, Michael asked all of us, "When you are snorkeling, do you hear that sound?" "YES!" I said, "like sand crackling?" He heard it too, so I wasn't going crazy. We asked Laura, our resident coral reef specialist and she let us know that this sound is the sound of the coral eating and feeding. It is a living, breathing organism that eats and makes sounds while its eating! Incredible, right?  

I spent a lot of time with breath this morning, during one of the most influential and profound yoga classes of my life, with Dani at Yoga en Akumal. I was the only person to arrive for class today, and so Dani was able to address some sciatica pain I have been having, and we focused on opening the heart and root chakras. What an amazing experience with deep breath work and deep releases! Dani instructed me to release any old pain and struggling from my heart, and to let it go, to realize that I don't need to hold on to it any longer. Usually, this type of instruction allows me to visualize pain and suffering leaving that chakra area, but today, I was so deep into meditation, that I could actually FEEL it. I felt tingling, and release, and felt mentally centered in a way that I have never felt before.

Given some deep pain that had resurfaced from the past in the last couple of days, the class was exactly what I needed. My other yoga teacher, Marti, said to me the other day, "All of the amazing things that are happening to you now, are happening because you are being so present on the mat everyday, and showing up, and working on this stuff." It feels really exciting, and I feel proud of the choices I have made and the path that I am on.  

Today marks the halfway point through the Residency, and I feel as though I have not accomplished close to all of the things that I want to do while I am here. Perhaps I will just have to stay longer? Haha! At this point, it is very hard to imagine myself returning to my life in Boston. We had to say farewell to Sarah Alden this morning, as she was only here for a half-residency. Sarah gave an absolutely amazing final performance last night. She has such a captivating sound on the violin, and a transcending voice. Her laughter and presence here will be deeply missed as we continue our next half of this journey together. 

The beautiful Sarah Alden, who is heading back to New York today. She will be missed!

The beautiful Sarah Alden, who is heading back to New York today. She will be missed!