Things I have learned so far...

1.) Do not throw toilet paper into the toilet. This may sound simple, but it takes extreme mental capacity to remember not to partake in this ingrained habit. 

2.) If you buy a cat a can of food, it will take about 2.5 hours for the cat to eat that can of food. Very unlike American cats who scarf it down in minutes. 

3.) The more lizards and geckos you have in your bedroom, the better. It means less spiders and other bugs. 

4.) If you walk around town with a hamper full of trash and pieces of coconut trees, it doesn't take long for people to give you crazy looks. All in the name of ART!

5.) Standards of a fully functional kitchen are far below what I imagined. One knife, a few badly stained plastic bowls, a pot with no handle, and an old piece of cloth for a pot holder, are really all it takes to make a full meal. 

6.) Horchata is the BEST. So delicious. 

7.) If you are having trouble in finding a Spotted Eagle Ray, just follow a snorkel group. If you are not in search of anything in particular, keep a wide distance between yourself and any snorkel group. 

8.) If you think five weeks is a long time, it's not. 

9.) The circle of life goes round and round. Snakes, turtles, birds, frogs, and all sorts of insects are being born and dying all the time. 

10.) A quesadilla in Akumal Playa is 120 pesos. A quesadilla in the pueblo is 12 pesos and delicious. 

11.) It is sort of magical to drop off laundry, pay by the kilo, and return to pick up a freshly cleaned package of clothes. 

12.) Everyone here says "Hello" and if you are eating a meal, "Provecho." It is human and dignified, and I love it. I feel SO CONNECTED. 

13.) Don't drink the water. Not for brushing teeth, not for cooking pasta, not by accident in the shower. Just. don't. drink. the. water. 

14.) The Colectivo bus from Akumal to Playa del Carmen should cost 25 pesos. Sometimes they try to charge 35. However, if you are a gringa who just ran across 4 highway lanes in pouring rain, carrying 8 bags of groceries, and you tell the driver that you are not married, it may just be free. 

Ok, that's it for tonight. I would love a foot bath right now.