Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

I know that I am a few days behind, and I hope I can catch up on all that has happened over the past couple of days. But first things first. This morning - wow! I have had an absolutely magical morning! Although everyone agreed last night to meet at 6am and to go to the beach to see the sunrise, there was a thunderstorm and heavy rain when I woke up at 6:00. I closed my eyes again, and the next thing I knew, it was 7am. I threw on my suit and hurried to the beach with Trevor Felder's underwater camera. There were still a few rain drops in the air. Arriving at the beach, I captured some video of the sun rising over the water, the soothing sound of the waves. There was only one person snorkeling - it was Marta!

A gorgeous sea turtle that I had the fortune of swimming with this morning in Akumal!

A gorgeous sea turtle that I had the fortune of swimming with this morning in Akumal!

Marta Fabregas is a diving and ocean expert, and I requested that she come with me while I video-tapped some underwater shots of sea turtles in order to make a video for her organization, Nature Oceans of the Americas ( I have only been in Akumal for one week, and I am already doing communications work! Haha! Except, this is EXACTLY the type of communications work that I dream of doing. I feel like I was destined to meet Marta. There is a calmness and a positivity in her way of being in the world that makes me so calm and happy. She is a woman who is really pursuing her dream to protect and conserve the ocean, and it is so inspiring to see her in her element.

Having been so inspired by the documentary Mission Blue, with Sylvia Earle, I told my mom before I came to Akumal, “I think I want to be a marine scientist!” She was like, “Isn’t it a little late?” But now, to meet a marine biologist and to be able to use my talents to communicate her message, which is also the message that I want to spread about conservation and environmental protection – BOOM – match made in heaven! My level of excitement about creating a video for Marta is so high. It makes me remember, “Oh, this is what it feels like to be excited to do work! It doesn’t feel like work!”

I have a fear of snorkeling, but as soon as I see a turtle, I become calm, centered, at peace. Om shanti, shanti, shanti, as we repeat at the end of yoga practice every day. Peace, peace, peace. I generally have a fear of being too far from shore, but when I follow a sea turtle, I can go out far without even realizing it, mesmerized by the beauty. It is funny how I can feel so calm around such a large animal, and so terrified of cockroaches!

Last night, after a delicious pizza with Diana and Michael at Turtle Bay Café, Sarah, Marta, Laura, Alejandro, Michael, Diana and I all sat around sharing wonderful stories, while Sarah did some palm readings, and we talked about how many of us felt destined to come here – felt such a strong connection to this place.

At yoga this morning, Marti reminded me of the deep feminine aspect of Akumal, and how so many collaborations and creativity are born here. I feel so many wonderful things developing, and I am so excited to see what the next four weeks will bring! So grateful to be here!