I had a dream last night...

I had a dream last night that I swam to a coral reef in the Mexican Caribbean with two mermaids. The water was amazingly warm and welcoming. The sky filled with clouds of infinite varieties. The sort of day so beautiful that you couldn’t have imagined there could ever be a day as wonderful as this one. The positive radiating energy of these mermaids was contagious, and I hopped into the ocean with them. They knew that I was anxious to swim far away and out to the reef, but they swam around me, like dolphins, constantly making sure that I was OK, and doing tricks under the water that made me smile and laugh. Together, making our way out to the reef, we saw sea turtles, spotted eagle rays, and many many fish. They took me into their world and showed me different types of fish that I had never seen. A juvenile damsel fish of the most brilliant blue. A parrot fish with a red belly. The mermaids dove deep down to the bottom of the reef, exploring their world, saying hello to the fish that they had befriended. They whispered into my ear and told me that each of  the fish had different personalities, and that the personalities of the fish change with age. The mermaids mimicked the eye movements of different fish, and made me laugh again. They collected trash from the water, trying to protect their world and their ocean friends from the many threats they face. At one point, surrounded by so much beauty, and feeling myself in the infinite, endless depths of the ocean, I began to panic. Calm and steady, calm and steady, calm and steady, I thought to myself. The world is supporting you, the ocean is supporting you, no need to panic. Just float. Just float and breathe. I floated, I breathed, and when I looked down below me again, a giant sea turtle was directly beneath me. Calm, serene, just floating and eating grass. She looked up at me, looked me in the eye, and continued eating. And mimicking her energy, I made my way to the shore, calm and serene.

Later in the dream, I spent an entire night at a long wooden table filled with art supplies and surrounded by wonderful people who made my laugh, and smile, and feel perfectly at ease. Even the mermaids were there! We painted, and listened to wonderful music, and drank chocolate milk, and told stories about our lives. As I was painting in this dream, I thought, “Wow! This is exactly how I would want my life to be. There is no other place I would rather be than right here, with these people (and mermaids), creating art, and feeling this joy and love.” Most of the people at the table were not “painters” and so they were just having fun exploring with how to mix colors, and how to use watercolors, and I was so excited to be able to share my supplies with them, and to watch them discover and enjoy the process of creating.

The mermaids and I! 

The mermaids and I! 

I remember a mermaid at the table hugging me often, and looking at me with sincerity and telling me how much she appreciated a project I had helped her with. I remember a mermaid giving me a nice shoulder massage. I remember so much laughter, and the spirit that filled the room. We created so many things together!

After we completed our paintings, the mermaid said, “Can I take you to the beach?” In the dark night, surrounded by brilliant stars, we made our way along the dark path to the beach. Upon seeing the gorgeous ocean, we witnessed lightning, lighting up the night sky in the distance. The energy of this place we were in is indescribable. It was a place deeply connected with the universe, vibrating with knowing and spirit. We were five in total, and the mermaid asked us all to hold hands in a circle by the water. For a few minutes, we simply held hands, listened to the water lapping the shore, and the wind blowing through the palm trees. The mermaid told us how happy she was that we were all here, and that we had all entered on to her path, to give her strength on her journey. She told us about how important each of our beings were, and how strong our talents. She told us how grateful she was for the ocean, and for the opportunity to be here in this special place, and to spend time with so many wonderful people. She made each of us feel loved, and special, and happy, and grateful.

Then the mermaid gave instructions on what to do next. “Imagine that within you are magic seeds, and you get to choose what is within each of those seeds – what you and others in this circle would like to see grow. Can you imagine them?” She let us think for a few minutes about what type of seeds we would want to plant in the world. Joy. Love. Care for the environment. Each of us finding soul mates. Abundance. The ability to create art every day. The ability to effect positive change in the world. The opportunity to feel happiness like this moment. Gratefulness. These are some of the seeds that I saw within myself.

When we had all created our seeds, the mermaid said, “Now, at the count of three, we will release eachother’s hands, place our palms together at our hearts, and then clap three times in unison, and release our hands to the sky, and blow the seeds away.” Hands at hearts, and then clapping, clapping, clapping, we blew our seeds into the night, up to the stars, out over the ocean. And now, our hundreds of positive intentions are out there, floating around the universe, just waiting to burst open and flower.

And one of my hopes is already a reality. That none of this was actually a dream. That all of these amazing friends I have made, and the experiences I have had, is actually my reality right now, and I am so, SO GRATEFUL to the universe for that, and for all of the humans and mermaids who have entered my life path to help me see more clearly and to find joy in my heart again. That mermaid swam away last night, to the Pacific Ocean, to carry her message to different parts of the world. And I will miss her, but I am so lucky that our paths crossed. We did not say “Adios”, but only, “Hasta Luego.”